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4 Simple Tricks to Save on Kids’ Gifts – and Teach Them Financial Literacy at the Same Time

What if you could surprise and delight them and sneak in an appreciation for the importance of saving? That’s a gift that will keep on giving.

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Why Savings Accounts Are Important, Even When Rates Are Low

Savers should consider risk, liquidity needs and the full gamut of deposit products as they tune up their financial plan.

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Working Hard for Its Community: Inside Patriot Bank

Connecticut-based Patriot Bank has 25-plus years of experience serving its community. And its commitment extends to philanthropy, focused on helping kids excel.

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How to Open Joint Accounts with SaveBetter

SaveBetter makes it easy for customers to add deposit products to their portfolios that are jointly owned.


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APY means Annual Percentage Yield.

Each customer authorizes the Custodian Bank to hold the customer’s funds in a custodial capacity in order to facilitate the customer’s deposits to and withdrawals from deposit accounts at various Product Banks that the customer requests through The Custodian Bank does not establish the terms of the deposit accounts, or offer the deposit accounts to customers, and provides no advice to customers about deposit accounts. Central Bank of Kansas City, Member FDIC, d.b.a. Central Payments is the Service Bank. Custodian services are provided by Lewis and Clark Bank.