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Our Partner Credit Unions

SaveBetter is building a growing network of credit union partners from across the country to bring you competitive savings products with NCUA insurance and effortless onboarding.

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With a single, convenient login, SaveBetter customers have access to credit union savings products along with those offered by banks. This helps give SaveBetter customers greater choice and greater ability to diversify their savings portfolio.

Plus, with SaveBetter, there’s one signup process. If you add a credit union’s products to your portfolio, there are no additional identity verifications or lengthy applications to go through — just a simple member agreement to accept. (Credit unions, as not-for-profit entities, commonly refer to their constituents as “members,” not customers.)

Best of all, SaveBetter customers don’t pay any membership fees or donations when adding a savings product from a credit union.

Each credit union that partners with SaveBetter is covered by NCUA insurance. What does this mean? You can rest assured that your savings are protected thanks to federal deposit insurance coverage up to the applicable legal limits. For individual share accounts — a type of credit union savings product comparable to banks’ individual savings accounts — that’s $250,000.

A credit union offering savings products through SaveBetter also has its community in mind. Credit unions serve and act in the interest of the financial well-being of their members, who might hail from the same industry or belong to the same organization. And many credit unions support causes that seek to positively impact their communities.

Learn More About Our Partner Credit Unions

Bellco Credit Union logo

Bellco Credit Union

Over 85 years of service

Bellco is driven by a mission to support its members no matter where they are on their journey toward financial empowerment.

SkyOne Federal Credit Union logo

SkyOne Federal Credit Union

A fixture of the aeronautics industry, now accessible to all

SkyOne Federal Credit Union has been growing since its founding in 1949, when its charter was to serve Civil Aeronautics Administration employees. Now the California-based credit union serves personnel across large swaths of the aviation industry, in addition to savers nationwide through SaveBetter.

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Each customer authorizes the Custodian Bank to hold the customer’s funds in a custodial capacity in order to facilitate the customer’s deposits to and withdrawals from deposit accounts at various Product Banks that the customer requests through The Custodian Bank does not establish the terms of the deposit accounts, or offer the deposit accounts to customers, and provides no advice to customers about deposit accounts. Central Bank of Kansas City, Member FDIC, d.b.a. Central Payments is the Service Bank. Custodian services are provided by Lewis and Clark Bank.