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We’ve all heard the importance of diversification across our investment portfolios. But when it comes to diversifying your day-to-day savings, there simply haven’t been many available solutions to help — until now. allows you to invest your savings across an exclusive network of FDIC-insured partner banks and NCUA-insured partner credit unions — all from one account.

You can get access to a variety of savings products, such as high-yield savings accounts, and traditional or no-penalty certificates of deposit (CDs).

The SaveBetter platform gives you the following benefits and more:

  • SAFETY. You get high-yielding products held at federally insured financial institutions.

  • CHOICE. Access to quality products from a large network of banks sorted by yield, maturity date, and more to get the best product for you.

  • CONVENIENCE. You only need one account to access and manage your funds.

Now that you’ve been introduced to SaveBetter, here’s how it works and how to get started diversifying your savings, all in a few steps:

How to get started with SaveBetter

SaveBetter’s sign-up process is fast and simple, so you can efficiently move your cash into high-yield products at federally insured partner institutions.*

Step 1: Check out available high-yield savings products

First, review the savings marketplace and choose a product for your initial investment.

You can see if there’s any minimum balance required to start, and how often interest is compounded and credited.

Products can be sorted by type (high-yield savings, fixed-term CDs, etc.):

Step 2: Sign up in minutes

Proceed to the sign-up process. With SaveBetter, you can be up and running in minutes:

SaveBetter registration page makes your sign-up process easy

Step 3: Connect your bank or financial institution

Next, link your financial institution to fund your SaveBetter account.

Your funds move from your financial institution to SaveBetter’s custodian bank, where it’s held safe and secure.

From start to finish, your money will be with an federally insured financial institution, guaranteed for up to $250,000 per depositor per bank.

It’s easy after you sign up

One-time registration

You only need to register for a SaveBetter account the first time you move your money into a savings product. There’s no need to create additional accounts with SaveBetter in the future — even when you choose to save with products from different banks.

The sign-up process can be done online from the comfort and safety of your home, providing you with a smooth online banking experience.

After you register for and fund your SaveBetter account, you can choose from several savings products offered by partner banks.

Track your accounts all from one place

Even after you’ve diversified your savings within SaveBetter, rest assured, it’s easy to track and manage your savings from a single dashboard.

Account management made simple

Deposits and withdrawals can easily be made from your Account Overview page.

And when one of your CDs reaches maturity, SaveBetter automatically sends the funds to your linked account.

Save time searching for high-yield savings products

You don’t want to spend countless hours searching for the best savings products on the market.

Time is money, after all.

SaveBetter presents you with a variety of savings accounts and, coming soon, CDs so that you don’t have to waste time scouring the internet.

A breeze come tax time

If you diversify your savings through traditional means, opening up and maintaining a plethora of bank accounts, you would normally need to track down interest income statements (1099-INT) for each account come tax time.

Nobody wants that headache.

With SaveBetter, you get all of your tax documents in one place, streamlining the process.

Diversify your savings

SaveBetter also allows you to diversify your savings across high yield savings accounts, CDs (coming soon), and more.

You can also easily implement a “laddering” savings strategy to decrease interest rate and reinvestment risk. Laddering involves investing in products with varying yields and maturities.

If yields rise, you won’t be locked into all of your savings for several years. But if yields fall, you won’t have to reinvest all your savings in lower-yielding products all at the same time.

No hidden fees, period

To recap, the SaveBetter savings marketplace decreases the time you spend diversifying your savings by:

  • Requiring only one account

  • Giving you all your savings product information on one dashboard

  • Finding and presenting the best deals to you

  • Providing you with one easy-to-read document at tax time

It does all of this without charging you fees.

If you’re ready to revolutionize the way you save money, sign up for SaveBetter today.

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