A Financial Fixture of the South Bay Area of Los Angeles, Now Spanning the Nation: SkyOne Federal Credit Union

SkyOne FCU joins SaveBetter as the platform’s first credit union, offering standout products to savers nationwide.

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For more than 70 years, SkyOne Federal Credit Union has been empowering its members to grow financially, and in life. It started out, as many credit unions do, serving industry professionals, but that was just the beginning of its journey. SkyOne’s is a story of expansion rooted in its commitment to enhancing the member experience.

Serving those who put the skies in reach

The beginnings of SkyOne date back to July 1949. At that time, eight charter members established the CAA Region 6 Federal Credit Union to serve Civil Aeronautics Administration employees and their families located in Western states of the U.S. By year’s end, the institution grew to 200 members. Its growth only continued from there.

From its original base in Hawthorne, CA, the credit union’s footprint expanded to encompass 13 states across the West, then Alaska, then swaths of the Great Lakes region. After rounds of name changes and growth, SkyOne Federal Credit Union now serves more than 50,000 members and has $700 million in assets. And as a federally-chartered credit union, SkyOne’s deposits are insured through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), the government agency responsible for deposit insurance for the nation’s credit unions.

A mission steeped in service

Like all credit unions, SkyOne is a not-for-profit financial institution. It bases its decisions on what is in the best interests of its members, which in turn are also its owners. The institution also recognizes the importance of a sound financial education in the pursuit of life’s goals. That’s why as part of its efforts to give back, SkyOne works to instill financial literacy in kids and teens through volunteering and partnering with local causes.

A first for SaveBetter

Its arrival on the SaveBetter platform not only makes SkyOne’s savings products available to savers across the country, it also marks the first time a credit union has joined SaveBetter’s network of partner financial institutions. This is an important turning point, bringing SaveBetter customers an ever wider selection of financial institutions and savings products to choose from when it comes to how they invest and diversify their cash reserves.

As always, SaveBetter works hard to make the process of acquiring and maintaining your savings portfolio both simple and seamless. And adding credit union savings products to that portfolio is no different. The SaveBetter platform streamlines the steps it takes to become a member of SkyOne — and of any other credit union to join SaveBetter in the future — seamlessly incorporating it into the account funding process.

A suite of products to elevate your savings

What is SkyOne Federal Credit Union offering through the SaveBetter platform? For more liquid savings, SaveBetter customers can tap a highly competitive money market deposit account (MMDA) with an APY of 1.25% — a rate that’s 9.6 times higher than the national average for a traditional money market account offered by credit unions*. For fixed-term savings, customers have their choice of a 12-month certificate offering 2.00% APY and an 18-month certificate offering 2.30% APY. These two products function similarly to certificates of deposit offered by banks.

Ready to tap into an exceptional rate with SkyOne Federal Credit Union? View their offering here and select a product that’s right for you.

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