Our Partner Banks

SaveBetter partners with a network of FDIC-insured banks located across the country to bring you a wide selection of savings products offering some of the industry’s most competitive rates.

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Our Partner Banks

SaveBetter partners with a network of FDIC-insured banks located across the country to bring you a wide selection of savings products offering some of the industry’s most competitive rates.

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With a single, convenient login, SaveBetter customers have access to savings products offered by a nationwide network of banks. There’s one signup process. If you add more banks’ products to your portfolio, there are no additional verifications or lengthy applications.

Each bank that partners with SaveBetter is an FDIC member bank. What does this mean? You can rest assured that your savings are protected thanks to federal deposit insurance coverage up to the applicable legal limits. For individual savings accounts, that’s $250,000.

For many of our partner banks, their savings products are only available to a national audience through SaveBetter.

The banks offering savings products through SaveBetter also have their communities in mind. These banks give back in a host of ways, such as by helping build homes, fund education initiatives, and focus on lifting up underbanked individuals.

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adda logo

Adda Bank

Integrity and innovation

Adda Bank is a thriving independent bank with a focus on delivering best in class products and services to its customers. 

Axiom Bank logo

Axiom Bank

The future of better banking

Central Florida-based Axiom Bank has a rich history that guides its future vision and community focus. It serves its constituents both through banking and volunteering. Staff are encouraged and empowered to give their time to a host of local organizations and causes.

Central Bank of Kansas City logo

Central Bank of Kansas City

Local banking on a national scale

Family-owned since its inception, this certified CDFI (community development financial institution) has been serving Kansas City since 1950.

Continental Bank logo

Cloudbank 24/7

Prioritizes security and convenience

CloudBank 24/7 is a smart digital bank with a focus on offering convenient banking features to their customers. Leveraging their online banking platform, they give customers an easy digital banking experience to help them reach their financial goals without ever having to wait in line

Continental Bank logo

Continental Bank

Supporting Small Businesses, and the People that Run Them

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Continental Bank specializes in providing banking and lending products to small businesses and their owners. Through SaveBetter, the bank is able to offer its personal savings products to individuals nationwide.



Clients are always top-of-mind

FVCbank considers success to include contributing to customer prosperity and satisfaction. FVCbank is fully committed to supporting the communities it serves while encouraging its employees to give back to others by volunteering time, treasure, and talent.


Hanover Bank

We keep our customers front and center

Hanover's mission is defined by a passion for excellence in our approach to products, services, and solutions.

Idabel Logo

Idabel National Bank

Over 100 Years of Service

The Idabel National Bank has been a fixture of its local Oklahoma community for over a century. The bank was founded in 1921 and has always operated as an independent, locally own institution.

Lemmata Savings Bank logo

Lemmata Savings Bank

A charitable commitment

Lemmata Savings Bank offers a digital-first banking experience rooted in competitive savings products that help you on your journey toward financial growth and empowerment. And the bank is also committed to giving back: when you deposit, Lemmata makes charitable donations to a worthy cause.

Liberty Savings Bank logo

Liberty Savings Bank

A history of service

The origins of Liberty Savings Bank date back to 1889. All along Liberty Savings Bank has remained staunchly focused on supporting communities, including by giving back to organizations dedicated to building affordable homes.

mph.bank logo


A value-driven digital banking experience

mph.bank is part of and backed by a century-old, FDIC-insured financial institution, Liberty Savings Bank. It offers highly competitive rates in part because there's no spending going toward splashy marketing or expensive naming rights for professional sports stadiums.

Patriot Bank logo

Patriot Bank

Working hard for its community

Connecticut-based Patriot Bank is proudly guided by its values and committed to standing up strong communities. In additional to serving families and small businesses, Patriot Bank supports children’s programs that inspire kids to achieve their goals.

Ponce Bank logo

Ponce Bank

Supporting the financially vulnerable

Ponce Bank was founded in the New York City borough of the Bronx in 1960 to support underserved immigrant and minority communities. It’s a recognized MDI (minority depository institution), reflecting its Hispanic American ownership.

Sallie Mae logo

Sallie Mae

Devoted to education

Sallie Mae believes that education and life-long learning, in all forms, help people achieve great things. As the leader in private student lending, Sallie Mae provides financing and know-how to support access to college and offers products and resources to help customers make new goals and experiences, beyond college, happen.

The State Exchange Bank logo

The State Exchange Bank

Family-owned, local and independent

As one of the few independent community banks in Oklahoma, The State Exchange Bank has helped support small businesses making up the local agriculture industry since the always-family-owned bank was founded in 1901.

Western Alliance logo

Western Alliance Bank

Ranked #1 top-performing bank with assets greater than $50 billion in 2021

Western Alliance Bank ranks high among the best commercial banks in the nation with more than $65 billion in assets, thanks to a combination of strong capacity, proven expertise and outstanding customer service.

Wex Bank logo

Wex Bank

A bank and an innovator all in one

Wex Bank not only offers competitive savings products through SaveBetter; it’s also a leading financial technology service provider across a wide spectrum of sectors, including fleet, travel and healthcare.

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APY means Annual Percentage Yield. APY is accurate as of {todayDate}. Interest rate may change after initial deposit. Minimum opening deposit is $1.00.

Customer funds are held in various custodial deposit accounts. Each customer authorizes the Custodian Bank to hold the customer’s funds in such accounts, in a custodial capacity, in order to facilitate the customer’s deposits to and withdrawals from the various bank and credit union products that the customer requests through SaveBetter.com. The Custodian Bank does not establish the terms of the bank or credit union products and provides no advice to customers about bank or credit union products offered through SaveBetter.com. Central Bank of Kansas City, Member FDIC, d.b.a. Central Payments is the Service Bank. Lewis and Clark Bank is the Custodian Bank.