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Smarter, safer, simpler

SaveBetter is an innovative way to get the most out of your savings.

With a SaveBetter account, smart savers just like you can access a curated network of federally insured banks and credit unions and their savings products.

One account, more savings options

Have you ever missed out on a competitive savings product because you didn't want to go through the hassle of opening another new bank account?

Or maybe you didn't want to share sensitive personal information, or deal with yet another monthly statement.

With SaveBetter, accessing multiple saving products just got a lot easier.

A one-time registration with SaveBetter lets you easily and securely make deposits so that you can fund multiple high-yield savings products offered by our network of FDIC member banks and NCUA insured credit unions.

Your information remains just as safe and secure as your funds.

Our mission at SaveBetter is to give people more ways to save with fewer hassles.

  • We believe in giving people access to competitive interest rates on products like savings accounts, money market accounts and CDs from multiple banks and credit unions — without ever having to open or maintain multiple accounts, or juggle multiple statements.

  • We believe that no one should miss out on great savings opportunities just because they don't belong to a certain financial institution.

  • We give savers the power to choose from a menu of federally insured savings products offered by multiple FDIC member banks and NCUA insured credit unions, all from one simple SaveBetter account.

  • We want savers to have control over their own personal financial data.

  • We believe people should be able to safely and conveniently get the savings products they want.


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SaveBetter Is Built on Years of Experience Helping Savers

As a Raisin company, SaveBetter belongs to a family of brands that has been providing customers across Europe and the United States innovative and competitive ways to save since 2011.


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The Raisin Group owns and operates both SaveBetter.com and Raisin Solutions US LLC. Headquartered in Germany, Raisin GmbH is breaking down barriers and facilitating a single, transparent market for savings and investment products. Raisin services 650,000+ direct customers on its B2C savings platforms across Europe and the U.S.


More and More Banks and Consumers Choose Our Family of Brands to Streamline Savings:

  • 650k+

    Over 650,000 customers worldwide have entrusted Raisin to help grow their savings.

Our leadership team

Ben McLaughlin

Ben McLaughlin


Ben McLaughlin joined SaveBetter in 2019 and currently serves as its President. Ben has spent over a decade in the financial services industry as a marketing executive in financial technology, consumer banking, and investment management at Citigroup, Oppenheimer Funds, and RBC/City National Bank. Ben holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto and an MBA from Fordham University.

Chris Rojas

Chris Rojas

Customer Service Manager

Chris has 20 years of experience building and leading customer service and customer success teams at J.P. Morgan, Standard & Poor’s, and Bank of America. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the State University of New York.

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson

General Counsel USA

Tom Simpson has over eighteen years experience representing banks and other financial institutions. Prior to joining Deposit Solutions, he acted as in-house counsel at The CIT Group, Doral Bank and Deutsche Bank AG’s wealth management division. He holds a juris doctorate from Boston University and an MBA from The Wharton School.


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APY means Annual Percentage Yield. APY is accurate as of {todayDate}. Interest rate may change after initial deposit. Minimum opening deposit is $1.00.

Each customer authorizes the Custodian Bank to hold the customer’s funds in a custodial capacity in order to facilitate the customer’s deposits to and withdrawals from deposit accounts at various Product Banks that the customer requests through SaveBetter.com. The Custodian Bank does not establish the terms of the deposit accounts, or offer the deposit accounts to customers, and provides no advice to customers about deposit accounts. Central Bank of Kansas City, Member FDIC, d.b.a. Central Payments is the Service Bank. Custodian services are provided by Lewis and Clark Bank.